Longmont Colorado – Walkable Neighborhoods – Southmoor Park

When Buying a home in Longmont Colorado, walkability is truly important.

Southmoor Park is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in all of Longmont

Not only do the streets have to be safe to walk, but there should be someplace to go. When you buy a home, and you’re in the middle of nowhere, then you may end up driving to a park just to go for a walk. In Southmoor Park, you don’t have to worry about that. Walk to school, to do your shopping, to get some java, to fix the car, to go work out or to just stroll along a stream. It’s all here.

Longmont Colorado - Walkable Neighborhoods - Southmoor Park
Video Transcription

Hey everybody. Daniel Kuhlman, Nesting Rock Property. I’m out in front of my house and I’m about to show you how walkable Southmoor Park, Longmont, Colorado really is.

I’m not actually walking this, I’m on my bike, and that’s also to show you how nice the bike paths are here in Southmoor Park.

So it’s only been two minutes and 28 seconds since I left my house. I have arrived at Kanemoto Park at the baseball field, as well as the kiddie activity pool and Burlington School Elementary, down the street. Now that we’ve left Kanemoto Park, we’re on our way to the Safeway, Lucky’s Market, as well as a Starbucks and other shopping. After only another two minutes, I’ve arrived at the intersection of Ken Pratt Boulevard and South Pratt Parkway. Rather than bike back, I thought I’d just bite backwards. Back at Kanemoto Park I’ll now head on over to Sunset Middle School. Southmoor Park maybe divided by Kanemoto Park, but it is indeed one neighborhood. So the houses are very similar on both sides, until you reach Sienna Park here on the right hand side. Sienna park is the newest part of South Moore Park.

As we get closer to the entrance of Sunset Middle School, please pardon the construction dust. At four minutes and 20 seconds, trip from Kanemoto Park to Sunset Middle School, was probably the longest commute of the day. Now, I’m going to take a side route and go over to Ziggi’s Coffee, and the Gondolier Italian Restaurant, as well as Big O Tires. So now’s a good time to tell you that both Indian Peaks, Burlington and Sunset Middle School are all walking schools. They’re well within the two miles zone for walking. And the only school buses are for Niwot High School.

Now if you want to go for a morning walk, or an evening stroll, the left hand creek in the Saint Vrain Greenway are great places. No matter where you buy your house in Southmoor Park, you’ll be close to the walking path. It’s just over six minutes from the west side to the east side. And now I’m going to actually take you outside of Southmoor Park to the rec center. Let’s see how long that takes. So at four minutes from Ziggi’s, just over, we arrived at the rec center via the Saint Vrain Greenway, as well as the Longmont Museum.

So finally back at the house, and it’s only been about 25 minutes. It’s been fairly walkable, in this case bike-able, and I do this almost every day. Southmoor Park is a wonderful place to bike, ride, walk, or do whatever you want. So whether you’re thinking about buying a home here in Southmoor Park, or selling the one you have, Southmoor Park is a great place to be, and it’s a great place to walk.

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