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Southmoor Park Neighborhood

Longmont Colorado’s Southmoor Park Neighborhood

If there is a real estate agent more passionate about Southmoor Park in Longmont Colorado, I haven’t met them yet. Read on to see if I might be able to help you find your perfect home for sale in Southmoor Park.

When we moved to Longmont in 2017, we bought our house in Southmoor Park for a number of reasons. First was that our son could walk to Sunset Middle School. We were so impressed with the quality of the teachers and the administration that we cancelled our next school interviews. We also liked that it is located in South Longmont Colorado and close to just about everything – Shopping, Downtown, and because we bought a fixer upper, next to Lowes and Budget Home Supply.

But at the end of the day, we didn’t just buy a home in Southmoor Park, Longmont Colorado, we joined a neighborhood. It is home to over 400 families. Quite a number of those families have been here since it was first built in the late 1960’s. I’d say that at least a quarter of our neighbors are the original home owners. When you throw in the new families that are moving in, it’s a vibrant mosaic of young children, new and established families, and the more ‘seasoned’ residents.

Southmoor Park in Longmont Colorado has almost everything, either inside or just a few blocks away, that someone buying a home in Longmont Colorado could ask for – A large park, a child activity pool and playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, picnic area, elementary schools you can walk safely to. We have met the crossing guard at Burlington Elementary School and she is a lovely woman who loves her job and her community.

Just outside the neighborhood is the Longmont Rec Center, Front Range Community College, lots of bus stops, green trails and bike paths, Shopping areas and super markets, coffee shops and restaurants and plenty of useful services like tire and auto shops.

Southmoor Park isn’t perfect. Because of the age of the neighborhood, and the lack of an HOA, a few things have not been kept up the way they should be. We need new signs. I am working with the City of Longmont Neighborhood Group to secure funds to rebuild existing signs and install new ones. I am working with my neighbors to get more use out of our park and build a better neighborhood watch and sense of community. Maybe if you buy a house here in Longmont’s Southmoor Park neighborhood, you’ll feel the same way and join me in my efforts.

So if you are looking to buy or sell a house in Southmoor Park, Longmont Colorado, use the contact form below and we’ll figure out if we fit each other’s styles.

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